Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

There’s not much we can say to draw more attention to how tone-deaf Congressman John Yarmuth’s endorsement of another mediocre white man to “protect the seat,” than to hear it straight from his own mouth. I can’t remember if I shared this video clip in my last post, but even if I did, it’s worth repeating until everyone in Louisville has had a chance to watch it.

Instead of recognizing that no one can represent voices of those missing from the tables and back rooms, from Washington DC to Louisville, KY, better than a proven progressive mother like Attica Scott, Yarmuth doubled down on the misogynistic, and frankly, racist, rhetoric. Such a disappointment that this is how he chooses to end his otherwise incredible legacy.


The same can be said for the Dark Money Dems running for several other important seats around town, including Louisville Mayor. I was really disappointed to see how many men, Black and white, threw their hats into the ring after dedicated and experienced mother of four, Shameka Parrish-Wright had already filed to run. Not to mention, another incredible mom, Sarah Stalker, for House District 34, is up against a male JCPS bureaucrat who has demonstrated his allegiance to the status quo, with ties to Mitch McConnell, the Joneses and SCALA. Read all about it by following the links.

Welcome to the All Eyes on Kentucky website, a project of Dear JCPS and the Coalition for the People’s Agenda Education Committee. We are working to bring you accurate, timely, urgent information ahead of the May 17 Kentucky Primary. We, the People, know who we want to represent us, but well-funded disinformation campaigns on both sides of the aisle keep drowning out our messaging, and outside interests keep propping up the establishment candidates against Kentuckian’s wishes.

Please follow the links to the progressive alternative candidates pages. Even if you don’t live in their district, you can still donate and volunteer. Just like Rich Strike beat the long odds in yesterday’s Kentucky Derby, with all of our help the underdogs have a chance to win. The May 17 Primary is the last chance for several of these amazing Moms. Don’t delay!

Please keep checking back, or send questions, corrections or requests for clarification to moderator@alleyesonkentucky.org.

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