Justice for Breonna Taylor

Justice for Breonna Taylor

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UPDATE: The morning after I made post, following the most damning of VICE’s two-part series aired, US Marshals shot and killed a Black man in the back and left his dead body laying in an alley in the hot sun, with no answers for family members, for hours. A similar “power play” was used on our community two years prior when the National Guard was brought in during our peaceful protests and one of them shot and killed local business owner David McAtee, and is too eerily similar to the home invasion that led to Breonna Taylor’s death.
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Louisville’s Greatest Pain: Unresolved Injustice

To date, no one has been held accountable for the murder of Breonna Taylor. Lies, cover-ups, delays and worse have made #JusticeForBreonna seem next to impossible. So whenever there’s a possible “break” in the case, we can’t help but hope THIS will be that piece of evidence that will be undeniable and bring LMPD’s corruption into the national spotlight.

The latest expose from VICE reporter Roberto Ferdman could be that miracle. In addition to asking what happened to the $15,000 that the armed robbers dressed as LMPD officers found at Taylor’s apartment, they are starting to peel the onion on the untold stories that we’ve been hearing and sharing about the Breonna Taylor case, that haven’t made it to the surface. At least not until now.

One of the reasons the truth doesn’t make it to the surface is because of the precision with which police departments, civic leaders, media and “charitable” elites control information. We are grateful for reporters like Roberto who help bring our truth to light and All Eyes On Kentucky, even if only for a brief time. If Kentucky can hold onto the nation’s attention until November, we might have an opportunity to take back our city, state and country, from Trump’s nationalists and white supremacists who proudly and freely tout their ignorance and terrorize our communities. Candidates like Charles Booker have a real chance at replacing traitors like Rand Paul. But the game is rigged and they know how to cleverly deceive, so please, please, don’t take anything you hear or say about Kentucky at face value.

This Could Be the Miracle We’ve Been Waiting For

The first night’s program focused mostly on sex trafficking and included details about the missing $15,000. This part of the narrative was left out, we understand, as part of the $12,000,000 settlement with Breonna’s family. The trauma they have suffered was enough, and the media and public had already tried to portray Breonna as part of a drug ring and not the Black professional woman doing the best she can to get by in a corrupt, rigged and racist society. There was nothing to be gained by allowing her character to be smeared further by even insinuating that she could have been in possession of drug money. The corrupt cops were counting on it. Keeping that MAD secret covered up has been an orchestrated act, conducted by Daniel Cameron, Mitch McConnell, local and state police departments, political candidates and their backers, the Mayor’s secret Kentucky Derby guests, I’m sure, as well as attendees at sex-and-cocaine-fueled after-parties that exist in the world of the wealthy elites. We are not invited, so we can only imagine.

Below are some excerpts:

“In 2008, Hankison was accused of letting a woman off in exchange for oral sex. The case was closed without Hankison being interviewed.”

“If you know the right people, you may not even get investigated.”

VICE NEWS, May 17, 2022

Hankison is the dirty cop who appears to have been calling a lot of the shots when it comes to working the system for personal gain, and one of the three cops involved in that late night raid.

The second part of the two-part series was even better, and already has twice as many views as the first one. #AllEyesOnKentucky!

Watch this TikTok video for a short snip.


This ViCE News program shares the untold story of Breonna Taylor and others who report money and drugs were stolen by corrupt LMPD cops during their arrest. Mysteries surround the whereabouts of $15,000 and one of the officers involved, and more. To date, no one has been held accountable for her murder. Watch the entire program here. https://youtu.be/HERShPhJwPg #AllEyesOnKentucky

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We cannot let either of these stories disappear into the ether. Complicit defenders of structurally racist systems have a lot of money and power to control the narrative and “explain it away.” We mustn’t let them. Predators like Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul have been preying on Kentucky for far too long. Right now, we have an opportunity — and a responsibility — to take their knees of Kentuckians’ necks. Especially the necks of our Black and brown neighbors in Louisville’s West End.

Won’t you join us in this fight?

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