Help KY Get Mitch’s Knee Off ALL Our Necks

Help KY Get Mitch’s Knee Off ALL Our Necks

Daniel Cameron wants to be Kentucky’s next governor. No, not for an election in 2024, but in 2023. Kentucky is one of three states, all red, that has a governor’s election in this off year. In just three months!


Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron lied, and lied multiple times, when he explained why a grand jury decided not to charge any police officer with a crime for killing Breonna Taylor, according to this article in Intelligencer. Not only does Cameron want to be Kentucky’s next governor, but Mitch McConnell wants him to be as well. Of course he does! Why else is there an entire “McConnell’s Scholar” program, from which Daniel graduated?

You see, Mitch hand-picked Cameron for this job and has been grooming him and funding him, perhaps even making sure his every need is met. Or, put another way, using cult-like strategies to manipulate him and others into complying with an unethical, if not illegal, plot to keep their brand of fascism in power. Here Mitch is giving Dan a hug at his wedding to a beautiful young lady rumored to be Mitch’s family member. Yeah, that’s Trump apologist James Comer in the corner.

Kentuckians know we need to be freed from this corruption and greed, but we can’t do it without the help of outsiders. We need an intervention. We don’t want anyone affiliated with any of the predators shown on this page to be in power. But because they care more about their own power than they do about doing the right thing, they are willing to lie, cheat and steal to keep it that way.

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I am a volunteer and have been funding this work out of my own pocket for the past decade. I have a balloon credit card debt coming due in late September and would appreciate anything you wish to contribute. Thank you!

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