Radicalized Republicans

At the state and local level, primaries are heating up in both parties.

I couldn’t have summed up what’s happening across this country any better than my friend, Thomas Clay, Jr. And as a former Kentuckian, his ability to connect the dots to what’s going on locally about the best their is. So listen to what he was so gleeful about this morning and then let your imagination flow into how that translates to Kentucky at the state and local level. Rhymes with devil, and the KYGOP has sold their souls to him.

We are listing the most dangerous new candidates we are aware of first, because we know something the dark money also knows and that it’s a lot harder to get rid of an incumbent than it is to keep out someone new. And since we have a limited amount of time and money, we want to focus on these candidates first. In the Republican camp, so far, we’re aware of two recently recruited candidates who represent right wing radical values we are seeing sweeping the country. Click on their names for more information.

Keep Out


DistrictCandidateCounties RepresentedPrimary Challenger
25Bill BennettHardinSteve Bratcher (Related to Kevin?)
Stan Routt


DistrictCandidateCounties RepresentedPrimary Challenger
6Lindsey TichenorOldhamBill Ferko

Get Out

Next up are the lists of incumbents in the KY House and Senate who voted to override the vetoes and are running for reelection and have a primary challenger on the May 17 ballot.* It’s a longer shot, but not inconceivable that a group of concerned citizens and voters taking this message to your local communities couldn’t make an impact. We are not sure their challengers are not worse, so do your research first. Contact us and we will be happy to provide feedback and share what’s worked for us in the past.


DistrictIncumbentCounties RepresentedPrimary Challenger
1Steven Rudy (i)Ballard, Carlisle, Fulton, Hickman, McCracken (Part)Christopher Tucker
2Richard Heath (i)Graves, McCracken (Part)Kimberly Holloway
8Walker Thomas (i)Christian (Part), Trigg (Part)Larry Curling
12Lynn Bechler (i)
Jim Gooch Jr. (i)
Daviess (Part), Hopkins (Part), McLean, Webster
18Samara Heavrin (i)Grayson, Hardin (Part)Jacob Clark
50Chad McCoy (i)NelsonBradley and Massaroni
52Ken Upchurch (i)McCreary, Pulaski (Part), WayneOthel King
55Kim King (i)Jessamine (Part), Mercer, WashingtonTony Wheatley
59David Osborne (i)Oldham (Part)Bridgette Ehly
60Sal Santoro (i)Boone (Part)Marianne Proctor
61Savannah Maddox (i)Boone (Part), Grant, Kenton (Part), Scott (Part)Jarrod Lynkins
62Phillip Pratt (i)Scott (Part)Michelle Nance
64Kimberly Poore Moser (i)Kenton (Part)Christopher Mann
69Adam Koenig (i)Boone (Part), Kenton (Part)Steven Doan
85Shane Baker (i)Laurel (Part), Pulaski (Part)Daniel Carmack


DistrictIncumbentCounties RepresentedPrimary Challenger
4Robby Mills (i)Henderson, Hopkins, Union, WebsterRoxan Ashby
Michael MacDonald
38Mike Nemes (i)Bullitt, Jefferson (Part)Allen Maricle

*It’s possible that some of the candidates shown here have since been disqualified, withdrawn or otherwise not accurately reflected in our lists. There’s been a lot of hanky-panky, but unfortunately, our courts also sided with the corrupt people gerrymandering our voting districts, so we may have gotten some of this wrong. If you see something you think is amiss, please let us know.

And here’s some confirmation from one of our warrior friends in a neighboring county, @AmyJeanTyler, that these are the very people they also know need to be stopped. Let’s make sure we’ve all got them on our Get Out and Keep Out lists.