Who and What Are Behind It?

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Polls close at 6 PM.
In-person absentee voting is May 12-14.
Mail-in ballots must be requested by May 3.
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Welcome! The goal of this website is to connect the dots to candidates running for office in Kentucky and expose any ties or potential ties to dark money, including but not limited to ALEC and SCALA.

Who is ALEC?

Who is SCALA?

Think of it this way. SCALA is Kentucky’s local version of ALEC. The Joneses (David Jones, Sr. and David Jones, Jr.) are Kentucky’s local version of the Koch Brothers (David and Charles).

I came across this devilish image of the Koch brothers (above) along with the article that went with it that was worth sharing. We’re tired of all the back room deals and “secret societies.” To us, it looks like organized crime but with surgical precision. An insurrection by the books. If the Federal RICO Act in the 70’s and Kentucky’s Operation BopTrot in the 90’s accomplished anything, it was to show corrupt lawmakers how to get away with it next time.

Who am I? Don’t worry about that right now. The information presented here is easily cross referenced and fact-checked. The person or persons who bring you the information shouldn’t matter as much as the people who want to distract you from the truth we are sharing here today.

Let’s just say there is an entire city of people who share my concerns and I’m just trying to bring all the information that is already circulating about each of these dark-money candidates and the people who select and groom them together into a single, interactive place. If you have any additions, corrections or requests for clarifications, please email me at moderator@alleyesonkentucky.org. Thank you.

Welcome to our website. First a primer:

As you may have guessed by now, I’m not really Joe Smedley. I’m on my third alternate Facebook account because my main account is always on a ban of some sort. Probably because the folks who don’t want you to know what I’m posting about keep reporting me and racially biased FB algorithms buy it. Many of us have been trying to sound the alarm that powerful leaders have ties to dark money forces on both sides of the aisle for some time now. Yes, we’re talking about white nationalists that have infiltrated every facet of influence in this city, and even though we see it, we have become powerless to rid ourselves of such infestation. Whether it’s corruption in our police department, corruption in organizations that are intended to provide agency for authentic stakeholders, such as parents, teachers, employees, retirees, students, graduates, taxpayers and community partners, or corruption in elected offices, take your pick, we’ve got it, and we’ve got people trying to expose it. See, there’s a war on Louisville by racist confederates, but what they and the rest of the planet doesn’t seem to understand is that if Louisville, Kentucky goes down the drain, it has the potential to take the rest of the state, this nation and even this planet with it. Sound overly dramatic? Let’s examine.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Louisville is the home of not only US Senator Mitch McConnell, but also Breonna Taylor. In fact, both of them graduated from JCPS High Schools on the “opposite sides of the tracks,” if you know what I mean. Hey, did you hear Donald Trump is coming to the Kentucky Derby? That’s right, for just $75,000, a person, everyday people like you can sit with him and even partake in the cocaine-fueled orgies, if you like. It’s my understanding these things are happening here, as well, and some of the corrupt individuals mentioned above are involved.

Some of these folks are the same types who backed the blue as they beat us, tear gassed us and the journalists who tried to cover it, and arrested some of the most respected among us for exercising our first amendment rights to peacefully protest and speak the truth, but then turned around and defended insurrectionist mobs who illegally stormed the capitol in DC, and even committed murder, claiming the election was stolen based on lies and propaganda used by predators who view the rest of us as pawns.

And others are the same people who stand with us in public but stab us in the backs in private. Both MLK and Malcolm X warned us about the white moderates, and we’ve got a few of them running during this primary on May 17 that need to be derailed. This would not be the last of the corruption and glaring disparities in how rules are applied to Black and white Louisvillians that this website seeks to expose. Get comfortable.

(Click here to sign a petition to remove Mitch’s picture from the district’s corporate office lobby and replace it with Breonna Taylor’s – link to come)

Do I think voters are disenfranchised here? Yes. Do we vote against our own interests? Yes. Some of us on purpose, because we actually care about people besides ourselves! But not as many Kentuckians can be written off as “too dumb to deserve to vote” as detractors would like you to think. Most of the red votes in Kentucky are achieved through well-funded disinformation campaigns, infiltrators and astroturf “stink tanks” and voter suppression, tampering and disenfranchisement, as well as restricting access to high-speed internet, clean water and quality education, ON PURPOSE.

We documented a lot of this during Charles Booker’s campaign in the primary two years ago. Remember, when the #AllEyesOnKentucky hashtag started trending the first time? It was quickly explained away by the white moderate democrats who also thought Charles Booker couldn’t win in the general so they got behind milquetoast candidates Amy McGrath and Mike somebody. Meanwhile, over in Jefferson County, no telling how many Black families in West Louisville were waiting for their mail-in ballots to arrive.

There was only one polling location open in the entire county (it was a pandemic). Polls were open all week long for early, absentee voting, but for our residents in the highest risk categories (Black, poor, disabled, elderly, pre-existing conditions), who possibly also lack reliable transportation and/or flexibility to take off work, they were waiting and hoping to use the mail-in ballot option. So they waited and when the mail arrived on that last day the polls were open they found their ballot still had not arrived. So what would any responsible, patriotic citizen do but hop in their car and head to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. That’s right, the one and only polling location was at the same location as the State Fair. And to any experienced fairgoer,, it’s a well-known fact, that car lines are a thing that you just accept as part of the “price we all must pay” to hit the sensory trifecta of sniffing livestock, eating grease-laden foods and gawking at strange things and people, all at the same time. And the Primary Polling Place at closing time was no exception. Masses and masses of people apparently all had the same idea and the last hour or so of the polling window, car lines not only wrapped around the controlled fairgrounds (whose parking lot and main entrance was under construction at the time, did I mention that?), and out onto Crittenden Drive and back up the ramp to Interstate-264. Yeah, the Watterson. Louisville’s “inner loop” had cars backed up as far as the eye could see. I documented it. I interviewed the people stuck in it. I had people Tweeting about it. They were “in line” in time to vote. But because no-one in all of this great big city had thought to include the car line as a line, they were shut out. You remember us pounding on the glass windows, don’t you? “Let us vote. Let us vote.”

Sure, Booker’s crack team got an injunction 15 minutes later. So for the handful who stuck around, they did get to vote. But what about the cars that were waived away by the lone traffic attendant? What about those who saw the crowd locked out and kept driving or ran back to their cars when they realized it was futile? We witnessed and documented all of those things happen during the chaos. What about those who saw the car line and kept driving? But wait, there’s more. What about the 25,000 mail-in ballots in Democratic-heavy Jefferson County that were thrown out because they didn’t meet strict criteria? Booker was in the lead before mail-in ballots were counted, and everyone expected mail-in ballots to put him over the top because they usually represented the most engaged and informed voters. A small detail that Republicans know ALWAYS favors the Democrats. So of course, it would be in the tea-party libertarian County Clerk’s office attendant’s interest to look for any and all reasons to discard as many ballots as they could. And I suspect that’s what they did.

Fast forward to today’s upcoming May 17 primary and Charles Booker is running against another useless libertarian, Rand Paul. I guess Mr. tampering-with-elections-and-petitions’ karma is finally coming due. His fair haired boy is about to be in for the ride of his life, and his racism will be on full display, making a mockery out of anyone who publicly supports him. There is no question Booker will win the primary this go around. Buckle up, folks! Let’s get ready to ride this wave. But first, we have to make sure the candidates down the ballot, in both parties, are who the people want and not who the establishment wants. We don’t turn out for establishment candidates. They are banking on that. No more Amy McGraths or Matt Bevins. No more Daniel Camerons and Mike O’Connells. No more insurrectionist “confederates” on the right, and no more silent, well-meaning “white moderates” on the left. No more Mitch. No more Trump. No more Putin. Got it? Our heaviest lift in some districts is now. Can you help us?

The purpose of this website is to help people navigate who’s been working behind the scenes of Louisville’s and Kentucky’s education “reform” movement for the past decade or longer to further a self-serving, sinister agenda. We then identify candidates on both the Primary Democrat and Republican ballots who may have ties to these well funded, dark-monied interests.

Lastly, we inform voters of better alternatives in those races, when they exist. We are working with a 501(c)4 and a federal unauthorized campaign committee, but we prefer if people make donations directly to featured candidates, for greatest transparency and most immediate impact. Let’s show the world that grassroots have what it takes to connect with community and get out the vote. Let’s send these freeloading parasites packing.

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Oh, and please join us for a “Family Picnic” on May 17 after you vote. Watch for more details around town. It will be word of mouth, grapevine communication, because we don’t want any more party crashers.