Kentucky and “The Fierce Urgency of Now”

Due to archaic laws and lax enforcement, more and more predators are coming to Kentucky every day to take advantage of our innocent and vulnerable children, while others have been laying dormant, waiting for their opportunity.

Until we change the laws that allow these things to happen, and hold people accountable when they do, it will only get worse.

May 17, 2022 [the primary election] is our next opportunity to protect Kentucky’s children from predators, outsiders and dark-money influencers, and that’s why we need ALL EYES ON KENTUCKY now.

Gay Adelmann, Chair
The Coalition for the Peoples’ agenda EDUCATION COMMITTEE

Our state holds “closed primaries” which means you must be registered as a Democrat or a Republican in order to vote for the candidates who will represent your party in the November 8 General Elections. Despite court challenges over gerrymandered redistricting by the supermajority GOP, a well-known pattern and practice used to discriminate against marginalized groups and disenfranchise their voters.

Louisville, Kentucky, home of Mitch McConnell is the target for some of the most outlandish, egregious and violent legislation passed in this year’s General Assembly, which ended April 14, 2022. As the home of Breonna Taylor, we are also ground zero for the #SayHerName and #ProtectBlackWomen movement.

Who we elect to represent us matters. The thing is, those of us who are paying attention have already voted to replace or keep out the worst offenders, but they keep showing up in back rooms, funded by dark-money donors and dark horse candidates. And that’s where we are asking for the public’s help in exposing the predators in our midst.

Everyone knows who ALEC is, or if not, they can easily Google them. Funded by wealthy billionaires to recruit and elect candidates who will pass and implement canned legislation that diverts more local, evergreen tax dollars into potentially funding everything from a War against Ukrainians, an insurrection in DC, to decimation of our public school systems and controlling women and trans bodies in Kentucky.

The goal of this website is to provide the public with factual information, some of which may not be “proof” of anything other than curious coincidences, but as former JCPS Board Chair, and local, “liberal” venture capitalist says, “sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

Click here to view the worst offenders in the KY GOP.

Click here to view the worst offenders in the KY Dems.

Where possible, we will focus on those who have challengers in the primary, as our most immediate goal is to thwart their efforts to infiltrate our elections and make sure as few of them make it onto the ballot in November as possible.

A day of reckoning is coming. There is a right side and a wrong side of history and that line has already been drawn. Those who are shown this information and still continue to support, endorse or vote for these candidates, despite this information, have taken a side on the wrong side of history and they will be judged right here on Earth. Stand with us on the right side of history. Say no to status quo, white supremacy and structural racism, not only in JCPS but across this state.

Louisville, Kentucky can turn out the votes that will move the needle. We’ve done it time and again (link to come). Have faith in us and support the candidates who we identify as true racial, social and education justice oriented candidates. Every seat is vulnerable. Every child is vulnerable. Your vote, your voice and your donation can make a difference.