Morgan McGarvey, Candidate for US Congress

Primary Winner. Now Get Ready for Voters Remorse


An establishment-backed state lawmaker won the Democratic primary for Kentucky’s only Democrat-held U.S. House seat Tuesday, defeating an activist who drew national attention during protests over the police killing of Breonna Taylor.

Morgan McGarvey, the top Democrat in the Kentucky Senate, defeated state Rep. Attica Scott, a former Louisville council member.

McGarvey held a big fundraising advantage and an endorsement from incumbent U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, the House Budget Committee chair who is retiring after 15 years in the seat. McGarvey, an attorney, was also endorsed by several state lawmakers and labor unions.

Scott, a Black woman, was arrested during 2020 protests over Taylor’s death. But she was also called a “fraud” by Taylor’s mom, who suggested that those involved in the protests were raising money off her daughter’s name.

Louisville — the state’s largest city — remains a Democratic stronghold while most of Kentucky is solidly Republican.”

US News and World Report, Establishment-backed state lawmaker won the Democratic primary for Kentucky’s only Democrat-held U.S. House seat, May 17, 2022

Not only is he a #DarkMoneyDem with ties to McConnell, Jones, SCALA and the slew of anti-JCPS legislation that just passed, he negotiates with terrorists and takes a “we’re not gonna like it but we gotta take it” attitude. He’s genuinely a good guy, so it makes it hard to be mad at him. But impact > intent and the impact that many who are impacted don’t have the luxury of playing nice when their lives are at risk more and more each day.


Why does Senator McGarvey talk this way?

“I fought the Trump/Bevin Republicans in Frankfort, and make sure that Kentucky doesn’t look like Texas, yet.”

MORGAN McGARVEY, Oct. 12, 2021

How are you the best person for the job if you haven’t been able to stop the destruction? I know why. You don’t play to win. You play to “not lose.” You’re essentiallly negotiating with terrorists. Let’s take some advice from Slovenia.

I know you say, but we’re up against a supermajority GOP. They’re going to do whatever they want. Let them try. But instead of “making bad bills better,” call them out. Especially David Jones, Jr. and the role he played in the initial drafts of SB250 in 2019 and later SB1 in 2022.

This was a long time ago, you say? Well, I noticed another example of his “good guys on both sides” approach to lawmaking recently.

Why are we “bracing for this”?

What’s horrifying and appalling is that we are not fighting it with every ounce of our being! Our “liberal” city just allowed Trump to come have his way at Derby and FUNDRAISE for god’s sakes. This is not leadership. This is turning the other cheek. These people are barbarians and they must be stopped. How on God’s green earth do you not see this? Instead, we roll out the red carpet, literally.

This may be a fine approach for milquetoast white men, but Black, Brown, LGBTQ+, poor, disabled and pregnant people, not so much. We need representatives in DC who can speak TO the issues, not about the issues from their ivory tower of privilege. It’s not your fault your privileged, but we don’t need you to hold the seat for “establishment” dems any longer. Because when these back room deals are being made, if you can’t speak from the experiences of those who are impacted, you risk selling our nation’s inhabitants and taxpayers short. Especially our most vulnerable and marginalized community members who the Democratic party CLAIMS to want to represent. Step aside, boys. Thank you for your service, but you’re no longer needed here. We have a progressive Black woman ready and willing to serve.

This just in:

Sorry it’s for subscribers only. Even though it’s about and impacts members of our most vulnerable communities. I’ll contact the author to ask about making it free. In the mean time, it says Yarmuth claims he was concerned Attica couldn’t win Black votes in Jefferson County. Then why endorse at all? If Black voters don’t turn out for Attica, then Morgan will have no problem winning the General. And if Black people DO turn out for her in the Primary, why would you think they would not do it again in the General? Sounds like whitesplaining and gaslighting to me.

One of the most important seats up for grabs this legislative session is Kentucky 3rd Congressional District for US Congress. The seat that’s been represented with honor and dignity by one of Louisville’s most beloved Democrats, John Yarmuth. John recently announced he was not running for reelection, which created a great opportunity for new and even more progressive blood in that seat. But that’s not what we’re going to get if the establishment has their way. They have already gotten behind yet another white man with fewer accomplishments, but a great deal of potential, and a charming smile that goes on for miles. His fundraising alone has outpaced Attica’s fivefold. Such a pity.

But smiles don’t abolish structural racism. And smiles don’t call out corruption. And smiles don’t lead to victories when your caucus is outnumbered 30 to 8. So, if you don’t mind, we, the People of Jefferson County, would like to try something different. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Here’s a rundown of candidates from both parties vying for this powerful open seat.,_2022

Morgan McGarvey has been cozying up to and enabling known privatizers and over the course of the next few days and weeks, we will provide more information on these allegations.

Oops! How did that get there?

Anyway, I can hear it now.

“Oh, no, not Morgan! He’s going to be our next Governor. (Swoon!)”

Well, I’m sad to say that our favorite Dem McGarvey has been made aware of the corruption and unwanted undue influence that shady lawmakers and district and local leaders have had over the will of the teachers, parents and taxpayers, and he failed to put a stop to it. McGarvey knows who is behind the pilfering from the state’s coffer and instead of saying no and slapping hands, he’s said how far and how fast our predators are allowed to penetrate our perimeters. To restrict our boundaries. To enslave or control our bodies. I’m not sure what that’s called in modern times, but I know there’s a lot of us “peasants” who are sick and tired of it, Senator.

But don’t sweat it. You still have a limited window of opportunity to do the right thing. To right the wrong. But you have to act fast. What happens next is up to you.

Yarmuth was a progressive enough white man to recognize the bad optics of running against the most amazing and ONLY Black female Kentucky House Representative I’ve ever known, but apparently Senator McGarvey didn’t get the memo. And on the same day Yarmuth announces he’s not running again, in the home of Breonna Taylor, in a notoriously blue district (meaning whoever wins the primary will no doubt win the seat) an even more mediocre white man than Yarmuth (I love Yarmuth, don’t get me wrong) steals the spotlight and tramples all over this amazing Black woman by announcing his campaign. Even though Attica was the only one who had the balls to file to run for that seat long before anyone knew Yarmuth wasn’t.

Senator McGarvey, you trampled on a Black woman. You put your knee on her neck. It’s not a good look. Meanwhile, you’ve got white supremacist union leaders parading you around, literally, while everyone whose been paying dues and paying with their lives are at the back of the parade line. You think we didn’t notice? Did you? You know what else we did at the back of that parade line, Morgan? We talked about people like you and how you are on the wrong side of history. We are going to the grapevine to get our word out and stop SCALA and ALEC money from robbing us blind. And everyone knows you’ve not only done enough to stop it, you’ve been working with them behind the scenes to help get it all lubed up. We all see it. Why don’t you?

I ran into Yarmuth at the Easter Parade and he admitted that he endorsed you because he didn’t think Attica could win the General. Really? In Louisville, Kentucky? A seat that’s been blue since before you were born. Are you going to let that happen? If you and John publicly got behind Attica, do you really not think she would win? If you say “no,” that answer is disingenuous and “safe.” MLK warned us about this. Louisville can’t afford any more white moderates who are disingenuous and safe any longer. Look where it’s gotten us. We are especially tired of white men taking seats when there are qualified women and people of color willing to serve and yet they are still absent from so many tables. This is why so many horrific things are happening in our country and across this planet. And you have a chance to be the change, but you must act swiftly. Get behind Attica. She will bring justice to Louisville and represent ALL of us well.

It’s only a matter of time before the house of cards falls and exposes the dark-money power and influence Mitch McConnell, David Jones, Jr., lawmakers (including you) and district leaders’ have played in the hateful and bigoted anti-JCPS, anti-public input, anti-vulnerable student bills that just passed. Yeah, you, Morgan. You will be expected to testify and you will be asked if you knew Joneses were behind SB250 (2019) and SB1 (2022), and that you “helped make it better.”

We voted Junior off our school board in 2016. We showed him the door. You let him in the window, you listened to detractors and white supremacists, and we missed our chance to stop it.

And let’s not overlook the fact that we have been bringing this to your attention for YEARS:

If you want to protect John’s reputation from being sullied and protect the seat from Republicans, your best option would probably be to drop out of the race and endorse Attica Scott now, because the truth is already out in local circles. By November, I’m afraid it’s YOU who won’t be able to win in the General. Let’s correct course now and get behind Attica.

Here is a link to Attica Scott’s website.