Kentucky’s Largest School Board Under Attack

Kentucky’s Largest School Board Under Attack

Liberty Caucus/Election Deniers/MAGA Extremists/White Nationalists. Some would even call them Fascists.

Whatever you call them, they are dangerous. And four of them are running for each of the open seats in the largest school district in Kentucky. WE MUST STOP THEM AT ALL COSTS. #ByAnyMeansNecessary

Their campaigns have been supported by dark money special interest groups from out of state, such as the ones documented in a 42-page complaint that was filed with KREF on Sept. 9, 2022. To date, the leaders of the groups behind the right-wing candidate endorsements have been unable to be served by KREF officials.

District 1 – Charlie Bell

District 3 – Steve Ullum

District 5 – Greg Puccetti

District 6 – Misty Glin

Click above to read some of the history of these dangerous extremists and why we can’t afford to take any chances. Then click below to see who we support instead.

District 1 – Diane Porter

District 3 – G. Perry Adelmann

District 5 – Linda Duncan

District 6 – Corrie Shull

UPDATED TO ADD THAT ALL FOUR EXTREMISTS WERE DEFEATED IN JEFFERSON COUNTY. Three of the four candidates we endorsed won their elections. Neighboring counties were not so lucky. In addition, while we barely defeated the proposed Constitutional Amendments to permanently ban abortion and give more power to our state legislature, for now, Kentucky’s House and Senate, which was already a GOP Supermajority, got even redder and more MAGA infested. We must expose those who cling to the notion that Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election, for they present a clear and present danger to our freedoms to this day.