Louisville Dems should get behind Attica Scott to replace retiring Congressman John Yarmuth before it’s too late

Louisville Dems should get behind Attica Scott to replace retiring Congressman John Yarmuth before it’s too late

The only Democrat to represent Kentucky in Washington DC is retiring. But instead of Congressman John Yarmuth getting behind the progressive Black female KY House Representative with a proven track record pushing back on outsiders, predators and grifters, and who had already filed to run for the seat months earlier, the supposedly progressive white male decided to recruit and endorse another good old white boy, Senator Morgan McGarvey, in order to “keep from losing the seat.”

To whom, John? A Black woman? Do you not even realize what you just said?

But then when asked about the optics of favoring a white man over a Black woman, he claims it’s “reverse racism?” Where do people even come up with this stuff? The 3rd Congressional district IS Louisville, and there’s very little chance a Republican would win this seat. So if Attica won the Primary, Dems would not likely lose the seat, especially if the party were backing her. And why wouldn’t they be? So, the people you gentlemen appear to be protecting the seat for are more straight, white “establishment” men. So disappointing.

Forget the fact Attica’s opponent, Senate Minority Leader Morgan McGarvey, was not only unsuccessful at stopping ALEC and SCALA‘s charter school funding, anti-JCPS, anti-CRT, anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ+, racist legislation from becoming law this session, he admits he helped make some of it “better.” Attica knows better than to negotiate with terrorists, which is what some of these dark-money backed lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are. She can sniff out the BS and speak personally to issues that women and people of color face, and that’s why we need more people like her at the table. Not more of the same that got us here and keeps us here. #NoMoreStatusQuo

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It’s her time.

No, that’s not the same thing as saying “she’s entitled to it,” which is a micro-aggression said by Congressman John Yarmuth at a recent Louisville Forum event to twist the words of Carla Wallace. Words like these are often used to cast women, LGBTQ+ persons and/or people of color in a negative light for simply wanting the same things straight white men have always had. It’s a tactic we see time and again coming from the toxic, radical right. But I expected better from our allies. Especially you, John. Progressive Dems recognize that there is a lack of representation at these tables, and your arguments just don’t hold water.

Attica is where she needs to be when she needs to be there. She was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives in 2017. She was the first Black woman to hold a seat in Kentucky’s General Assembly in 20 years. Her colleague, Charles Booker, is well on his way to being the state’s next challenger to Senator Rand Paul. It’s his time, too. Yet Charles has only been in the public eye a fraction of the time Attica has, and he was elected to the KY House of Representatives in 2019, two years after Attica. Why are we able to get behind Charles so readily, but not Attica? And she filed to run for that seat four or five months before Yarmuth announced his retirement and his hand-picked mini-me white male mentee launched his behemoth of a campaign 10 minutes later. If anyone is acting like they’re “entitled” to a seat, its a bunch of white male “liberals” exercising their privilege to maintain it. You even admitted it!

Oh, and Reverse Racism? That’s not a thing. Watch this. And be sure to visit the latest page I put together about Attica Scott for more reasons why Louisville Dems should get behind her to replace retiring Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth on May 17.

Attica knows how to push back on the privatizers like ALEC and SCALA. Morgan has practically rolled out the red carpet and shown them the best ways to go about getting what they want. Especially David Jones, Jr. whose vision of JCPS, despite being voted off our school board in 2016, was finally, fully codified into Kentucky law when Senate Bill 1, the Monster Bill, which passed in part as SB250 in 2019, was overridden by the legislature last month.

Yarmuth’s endorsement of McGarvey reeks of white saviorism. White leaders making decisions for what they perceive to be best for the Black community based on their limited exposure, instead of actually creating spaces at tables, speaking to impacted community members and spending time in the community. Instead of accepting anecdotal input from random strangers with unknown agendas, try asking for their rationale to see if there’s more to it or if it was even valid. We all know lawmakers receive their share of unfair criticism, but especially Black female lawmakers. Sometimes this criticism turns out to not be accurate, which I believe is the case with Breonna Taylor’s mother’s criticisms of Attica. Or better yet, how about taking a step back and letting democracy play out without putting 800,000 pounds on the scale. Watch how they vote and getting behind the winner of the Primary. But nah, instead he tried to gaslight a room full of community members (and 133 Youtube onlookers) as to how he has a responsibility to keep the seat from being taken away from the establishment Dems, even if it means keeping an extremely qualified Black woman out. Yep, that’s pretty much what he said. I think they bought it, too.

These are the kinds of disingenuous white supremacist moves the GOP makes. I expected better from some of the Democratic party’s finest white male specimens, John and Morgan. Even Biden did better than these two. Twice. And it wouldn’t take much to be more progressive than Biden.

Please keep reading! Today’s blog post also unveils a quite lengthy dissection of the endorsement of Morgan McGarvey, as we add our first Alternative Candidate page to our website: Attica Scott for US Congress.

And please support Attica’s campaign by going directly to her website at https://atticaforcongress.com. Thank you.