The most important election no one is talking about is the upcoming executive office turnover that’s about to happen in arguably the state’s largest and most powerful government employee’s union, JCTA. JCTA is a chapter of KEA, but just as it is with the state’s PTA, the leadership is just a musical chairs of a handful of white people. The same people for as many as 25 years. Some who get a paycheck from the district to sit on our boards and tell us what we can and cannot do. Why? And look at the state of our education system right now, under their “advocacy” and “leadership.” Nah, until you can show me evidence to the contrary, I am convinced they were recruited, groomed and positioned there by some very wealthy and powerful chess players by the likes of Mitch McConnell, David Jones, Sr., David Jones, Jr. and others we air out on this website. Political leaders play along, moving the chess pieces for favorable treatment that could include, among other things, kickbacks, power, job security, “cocaine-fueled orgies,” to fears of threats to safety, retaliation, blacklisting, and everything in between, and some things we prefer not to imagine. You know I’m right. And until now, we’ve been powerless. But we think it’s now or never, so many of us seasoned activists who have been organizing a political resistance, some for decades who met as part of the Peoples Agenda and the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression have found ourselves once again in a position to make a difference, and so we are going for it. We think members are ready. We think taxpayers are ready. We think parents and students are ready. We think members of other unions are ready. Caucuses are forming in AFSCME, for example.

This is not our first rodeo with JCTA white supremacists. In fact, third time’s a charm! You may recall the Botched BSK Election where we uncovered self-dealing by the current white supremacist bullies who run the union on taxpayer dime. We’ll get into that later. But in the mean time, you can watch this interview we did with young, sweet Kenyata, a JCTA member who just wanted to be part of the solution. Did we mention she is Black? Did we also mention she is unapologetic? Almost to a fault, as she puts herself, her livelihood and her family’s privacy on the line to talk back to the oppressor on behalf of a great many who don’t even know she exists.

The second time was when a slate of members came together to challenge the current slate, who not only gaslit robot members into chanting “slates are illegal” in order to discredit the legal challengers, as bylaws clearly state, they themselves RAN AS A SLATE, denying it all the way to the gerrymandered, soon-to-be electoral ballot.

Here’s where you’ll find a complete copy of that complaint, exhibits and all.

They deny the same things over and over again. And we tolerate it. Why?