Shameka Parrish-Wright for Mayor

Shameka Parrish-Wright is by far the most outspoken critic of the privatization of public education of all the candidates in the Louisville mayor’s race.

“I support public schools in every way and see charter schools as privatization of a public institution.”

Shameka Parrish-Wright, KFTC VOTER GUIDE, Nov. 2020

Not only does Shameka have her own lived experiences in Jefferson County Public Schools, as an involved parent and community activist, but she even went so far as to run for the District 4 Open Seat on the JCPS school board. Unfortunately, another candidate was selected by the sitting board to serve in that role, but that hasn’t stopped her from showing up at press conferences, board meetings, rallies and other events to speak out against the attacks on our public schools, teachers, students, families and community.

Here’s a great clip from this year’s KY General Assembly. Around the half-way mark, Shameka testifies against HB313, the anti-charitable bail fund bill. It’s one of the few racist, anti-Jefferson County bills that actually didn’t pass this session. Don’t believe the bill is racist? Listen to the entire hour-long committee meeting, and decide for yourself. It’s not the first time KY House Rep Jason Nemes showed us who he is. Thankfully, he has a fantastic challenger in the November race. But back to Shameka. Listen to her bear her personal stories and then imagine someone with this much compassion and experience representing Louisville on a national stage. It’s her time.

When SB1 passed the General Assembly last month, her campaign issued the following press statement. As far as I know, no other candidate has done so, nor have they spoken at board meetings or served on SBDMs or PTAs. At least, not to the extent that Shameka Parrish-Wright has done any of these things.