Attica Scott for US Congress

Above is a Tweet from April 27, 2022 that came after the following article appeared in the Courier-Journal:

4-26-22 | SUBSCRIBERS ONLY Handpicked? Too little support? Behind-the-scenes look at Attica Scott vs. Morgan McGarvey

But first, some back story.

Everyone following politics knows who John Yarmuth is. He’s been representing Kentucky in the US Congress for 15 years and he’s our ONLY Democrat. But before we knew he was not running for reelection, our local reporter, Joe Gerth, decided to weigh in and scold this Queen for having the audacity to file to run for a seat that Yarmuth would not confess to Attica or anyone else the fact that he was obviously considering not running for reelection.

7-15-21 | Just what is Attica Scott thinking with her challenge to U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth?

Nah, that headline wasn’t inflammatory. Not at all. Your racism might be showing, Joe. That jab especially didn’t age well when Yarmuth announced he wasn’t even running for reelection. Here’s that story.

10-12-21 | Rep. John Yarmuth will not run for re­election in 2022

And if that first headline from Joe Gerth wasn’t disrespectful enough, how’s this one, exactly three months to the day later (almost as if publishing a quarterly hit piece on Attica was on his tickler)?

10-15-21 – Democrats ought to be careful. John Yarmuth’s retirement gives Republicans hope.

No, Joe, it’s white moderates like you who give Republicans hope. The rest of us intend to vote for Attica. Yes, we believe a Black woman can be just as qualified and capable as your white knight Morgan McGarvey.

So, I decided to watch the Louisville Forum that was mentioned in the article as the source of several contradictory quotes.

A damning video

Yikes! What did I just watch? Here it is again, cued up to the one-hour mark where these conversations begin.

Out of one side of his mouth, Yarmuth claims,

“Well, I’ll tell you what I did. I called Morgan. I announced in October. I called him probably late summer and asked him if… I said, I’m undecided if I’m going to run or not. I’m trying to make that decision. If I don’t, will you?”

JOHN YARMUTH, Louisville Forum, March 2, 2022 (1:01:15)

He goes on to say,

“It wasn’t just that Attica lied to me and decided to challenge me anyway. It was just that I wanted to make sure there were quality candidates in the race. Multiple quality candidates.”

JOHN YARMUTH, Louisville Forum, March 2, 2022 (1:02:15)

Wait, John, that seat is fair game. Maybe she didn’t lie to you. Maybe you took too long to make up your mind and she decided to challenge you anyway. Maybe she heard you were planning on stepping down and since you were being secretive about it until your buddy Morgan could get his website ready, she decided to beat you all to the punch. Maybe she is a grown woman and makes what she thinks if the best decisions for herself, her family and her community, without waiting for “approval” from the establishment. That’s not lying to you. The fact that you would perpetuate stereotypes of Black women as being aggressive or unscrupulous for doing what rich, powerful white men do every day, simply for the political gain of yourself and your mentee, shows just how out of touch you and your overpriced, dark-money funded campaign consultants are.

He even says,

“We did a poll in August that had me and Attica and I think a few others. I would have beaten Attica overwhelmingly according to that poll. It wasn’t that.

I didn’t want to lose the seat. That was the other thing.

JOHN YARMUTH, Louisville Forum, March 2, 2022 (1:03:00)

Didn’t want to lose the seat to whom? A Black woman? Who didn’t want to lose it? But he kept talking…

This is anecdotal, but when Attica got in the race, I can’t tell you the number of people, including an awful lot of Black Louisvillians who said, “Don’t worry about a thing. We’ve got your back. We’re never going to be for her.”

JOHN YARMUTH, Louisville Forum, March 2, 2022 (1:03:00)

The Courier-Journal published a slightly different quote in their article above, so I guess this means he’s decided to stick with this story. Here’s what they published:

“But when Attica got in the race, I can’t tell you, I remember one weekend I was down at Shawnee Park. There was a vaccination event that was put on by NAACP, and … one Black citizen after another came up to me and said: ‘Don’t you worry. We’ve got your back. We’re not for her,'” he told The Courier Journal.


Let’s examine this, shall we? These nameless, anecdotal “Black citizens” (Did you check their papers? Were they even Kentucky residents?) supposedly said, “we’ve got YOUR back.” Not we’ve got Morgan’s back. When you decided not to run again, you should not have assumed their support transferred to Morgan. But you did. You almost sounded like you did it to teach her a lesson in this quote from a Louisville Forum event.

Philip Bailey, rightfully so, asks if there’s anything to back that fear up. Of course there isn’t. John deflected by name-dropping Breonna Taylor’s mother’s random and surprise endorsement of him over Attica, which he said gave him a lot of concern. He felt that her endorsement of him meant the ENTIRE BLACK COMMUNITY wouldn’t be behind her, or so he claimed.

It’s true that Breonna Taylor’s Mother’s controversial endorsement came at an opportune time for McGarvey’s campaign. After accusing Attica of “fraud,” it was later revealed that she believed Attica stood in the way of SB4, a bill to ban “no-knock” warrants. In fact, Attica knows her Republican colleagues in the Kentucky Senate cannot be trusted, and all of us who were following the back and forth knew she was drawing attention to the whitewashing that was being done by notoriously problematic and vindictive Senate President Stivers. Here’s a story about these efforts.

2-20-21 | Attica Scott is seeking justice for Breonna Taylor. A law named for her would be a start.

When she was likely put in a position to acknowledge this possible mistake, Ms. Palmer instead made this statement,

7-7-21 | Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, backs John Yarmuth over Attica Scott

“Right now, for me, it’s not an important thing,” Palmer said at the time. “There’s so many more bigger things that need to be dealt with.”


How convenient. It may not have been that important to her, but clearly, the white establishment thinks its important enough to derail Attica Scott’s campaign for US Congress. And for what? Yarmuth ended up announcing his plans not to run again and none of this needed to happen. Unless… unless it was orchestrated by a well-funded establishment machine. So much of what we are seeing here is performative. More on that later.

From the Courier Journal article, Yarmuth goes on to say he doubts many Black voters would pick a Republican over Scott. 

Which is it?

Either Attica can’t win the General or she can. And polling shows she couldn’t have beat you but you think she “lied” by deciding to file to run against you? Maybe she also knew she couldn’t beat you, but she just wanted to get her name out there? After all, you DID tell her you weren’t planning on running in 2024. Don’t you wealthy white men play by these rules all the time? Why kneecap an underdog candidate for doing what you do? Unless it’s because you’re not really progressive and you don’t really want to see diverse representation from Kentucky sitting at the big boys table.

Besides, I KNOW she would win if Yarmuth and Morgan could get behind her.

“And it is not an anti-Attica Scott vote as much as it is a vote for somebody who I have been working with for some time that yielded positive results for our community,” he said. “But there’s a question of enthusiasm and turnout.”

JOHN YARMUTH, Courier Journal Article, April 24, 2022

And enthusiasm? Did you forget Charles Booker will be on the General against Rand Paul? You really don’t think the turnout will be enough to not only put Charles in office, but also Attica and Shameka Parrish-Wright for Louisville Mayor? Shame on all white people who are gatekeeping these amazing Black women.

Yarmuth continues to double down on his “it’s not racism because I have Black friends” stance,

He jokingly says that if Nicole Yates, a former employee of his, and a congenial host for the forum presenting his award, had decided to run, he would not have felt the need “to have done any of that.” An “acceptable” Black woman has your permission to run unopposed, but not Attica? Who are you to decide which Black women are qualified to replace you? And did you really just claim a Black woman from Indiana (and a former employee of yours) could do a better job representing Kentucky than a Black woman actually FROM Kentucky?

“If Kevin Cosby had gotten in the race, I probably would have endorsed him.”

JOHN YARMUTH, Louisville Forum, March 2, 2022

Well, we already pointed out Cosby’s connection to David Jones, Jr. All this statement does is confirm John supports the same Dark-Money Dems he does.

Wait, what?!?

HOLD ON! The video is still playing. What did I just hear at the 1:05:42 mark?

When asked about the “optics” of endorsing another white man over a qualified Black woman, Phillip Bailey asks,

“What do you say to those who make the point of, it seems as if you’re saying… because Attica’s point of her race, a lot of it is, we need diverse representation in Washington,”

PHILIP BAILEY, Louisville Forum, March 2, 2022 (1:05:22)

Yarmuth interrupts with,

“So that’s kind of reverse racism.”

JOHN YARMUTH, Louisville Forum, March 2, 2022 (1:05:52)

Oh no, he didn’t! JOHN! There’s no such thing as reverse racism. Read this:

But besides, he argues, she had a whole “4 or 5 month head start,” according to John, and without mentioning how much he raised, he actually manages to mention exactly how much Morgan raised, no doubt in large part thanks to the nods from Yarmuth and all the members of Jones’ secret society. Thank you John for confirming the power and influence Dark-Money Dems establishment and the Jones connection have in Louisville.

Yarmuth also mentioned a letter to the editor from a locally known racial justice warrior, Carla Wallace, which we still have not located. He said her letter was critical of him for these same points. He states his biggest objection to Carla’s letter, and another justification Attica should be denied the seat was because Carla felt Attica was entitled it. How dare she? Again, punishing Attica for misbehaving after you showed us you weren’t planning on getting behind her to begin with. You think we don’t recognize these patterns that women, especially women of color, have to go up against many times a day? You good old boys aren’t fooling anyone.

I doubt she said that. But even if she did, isn’t it time? Were you going to follow President Biden’s lead by keeping his commitment to select a Black woman to serve as Vice President, and a Black woman for the next Supreme Court Judge? Or are you, John Yarmuth and Morgan McGarvey, less progressive than President Biden, who we ALL know has taken far too long to take action on a number of critical issues that impact people of color and other vulnerable communities, but even HE got this one right. Why can’t you?

Yarmuth also said that he agrees with Ms. Wallace on most things but not everything. What else does Yarmuth not agree with Carla on? Because that’s also concerning. I want to make sure I’m vetting Morgan for these same things, in addition to everything else mentioned above, which should be more than enough reason to take a stand against the establishment.

And for Breonna’s mom? She wasted a political move. A big one, too. I’m still trying to understand all of the camps and all of the agendas that would have contributed to that snafu. What we do know is that attacks on Attica Scott, as well as her friend and colleague, Shameka Parrish-Wright, who is currently running for Louisville Mayor, and who also has an important primary, are frequent and common. Outside groups that have been supportive of the #SayHerName movement, such as Until Freedom, recently endorsed Mayoral Candidate Tim Findley. Could that have had something to do with it? We know that other horrible endorsements, such as movement legend Maddie Jones’ endorsement of Louisville Mayoral Candidate Craig Greenberg, as well as a host of left-leaning Metro Council members. A block of five endorsements in one swath is reportedly one of the things that may have contributed to Quintez Brown’s unfortunate circumstances, as well. We may never know.

From Attica, herself, as quoted in the 19th News article, above,

“It really is institutional and systemic racism in our legislative body. Where you have a White majority of Republicans that is about performative politics, but isn’t about truly transforming the way that our commonwealth functions. That isn’t truly about listening to the people who are most directly impacted and who are crying out in pain and crying out for justice. That touches me at my core, at my heart, at my whole being.”

ATTICA SCOTT, 19TH NEWS, Feb. 20, 2021

Not only is it Attica’s time, Morgan McGarvey is tied to Dark Money Dems, and we can’t afford to take any more chances with them. If you are a registered Kentucky Democrat, let’s vote to send Attica Scott to DC on May 17. Thank you.

According to a Black activist friend of mine, this is why Pelosi, Yarmuth and the “corporate dems” don’t want Attica in Congress. They see her as a threat. He’s been doing this work longer than I have. He’d know.