Establishment Dems are wearing no clothes

Establishment Dems are wearing no clothes

The Courier Journal published an article today, but unfortunately, it’s only available to subscribers. I’ve made a PDF of it until I hear back from the author or paper about making it accessible to all, especially since it’s the only people the limited access could be protecting is white cis male establishment dems, which are the paper’s favorites. Or at least, that’s how it looks from here.

One of the quotes near the end of the article says,

“You can’t predict if Black voters will support someone by talking to a few people, even if they’re prominent residents,”

Still, McGarvey’s endorsements from Black leaders matter, he said. Cosby is especially influential.

“Who hasn’t heard of Kevin Cosby?”

Dewey Clayton, U of L Political Science Professor

That’s right. Rev. Cosby is a well-known local Black pastor, educator and business man. And he’s also a regular on SCALA and Jones projects, and Jones and Cosby have been known to frequent each others’ public and private celebrations and ceremonies, so it’s no surprise he would endorse a Dark-Money Democrat like McGarvey. More on Cosby later.

In addition to this less obvious connection, McGarvey was instrumental in getting Jones Junior‘s vision of how to destroy public schools for everyone except those who get into the track to Manual, Male, Brown or Central (or those who control the superintendent) across the finish line earlier this month. I go into a little bit more detail about some of those events here, and will keep adding more and more examples until the obvious is undeniable, even to a blind hog.

I have a lot more to say about this article, which is why I reached out to the reporter. In reading it, it almost felt like someone had been sniffing around this website before I published it. It has some of the concerns I raised woven throughout. I did see some strange website traffic the past few days, which is why I added a temporary password. But I thought it could be the people I’ve asked to help me button it up before I go live. I’m hoping to unveil the project this weekend. Thank you to those who are reading it ahead of time.

I don’t care if someone did alert the media to some of the truth I’m raising about Senator McGarvey on my website and my posts. It’s also entirely possible someone on McGarvey’s team (or sympathetic to him, like one of McConnell’s PACs) caught wind of some of this information I’ve been dripping out here and there and felt like they needed to get ahead of the obvious before a bomb drops. Create a distraction. That kind of thing. It’s a Pattern and Practice we’ve identified before.

That’s why I want to make sure the reporter got the whole story and not just the parts they were trying to spin. Because this whole situation, including the fluff piece, feels orchestrated by the establishment. Don’t take the bait. Avert your eyes. The Emperors are wearing no clothes, boys and girls. And it’s not a pretty sight.