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For years, we’ve been sounding the alarm about the KY GOP lawmakers, from Mitch McConnell, to Matt Bevin, to Jason Nemes and Julie Raque Adams, to Jerry Miller and dozens of others who exhibited characteristics that we’ve grown to recognize as “from the ALEC playbook.” If you’re not familiar with them or the damage they’ve caused in Kentucky, please google them.

If we could make a priority list of KY GOP Lawmakers who we should vote out at the earliest opportunity, and KEEP OUT anyone who does not publicly condemn the votes and the behavior of their predecessors, it would be those who voted to override the Governor’s vetoes on the worst of the bills to come out of each chamber.

KY House Representatives who voted to overturn the Governor’s veto of HB9, the Charter School funding bill, are the ones who we have identified as targets who cannot be trusted to protect our children from predators who have set their sights on our public schools. They have repeatedly been told how harmful and racist and predatory these bills are and they voted for them anyway. That’s inexcusable and when the dust settles, history will not remember them kindly.

Likewise, KY Senators who voted to overturn the Governor’s veto of SB1, the Monster Bill that strips parental and teacher voice and choice from site-based decision making councils (SBDMs) ties the hands of JCPS school board and puts a chill on teacher autonomy by dictating which historical documents will be taught in our schools, cannot be trusted to smell through the bullshit and protect our children and be good stewards of our tax dollars and they, too, must be held accountable.

The teachers unions, parent teacher associations and other supposedly allied groups and leaders were conspicuously absent when there was still an opportunity to push back and change course. We will examine some of those in more detail, as well. They must all be held accountable.

If you are interested in organizing a protest of your state lawmakers in their home district, please let us know how we can support you.

Most of the people with ties to ALEC in the state legislature are members of the KYGOP. Likewise, SCALA seems to be working with the Democrats, some Republicans and Mitch McConnell, who are featured on another thread. Make it make sense.

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