KERA stands for the Kentucky Education Reform Act. More than 30 years ago, Kentucky led the education reform movement with groundbreaking legislative changes that helped level the playing field for our most vulnerable students and families and put protections in place to try to curb the corruption and self-dealing taking place in our school systems. The above video from the Office of Education Accountability does a nice job explaining what KERA was.

SEEK is the funding formula that determines how taxpayer money is currently allocated from wealthier districts such as Jefferson County to our poorer, rural districts, which came about as a result of KERA. The link below from the LRC explains SEEK funding.

Kentucky’s General Assembly has been infiltrated by ALEC and other dark money forces, and the gains achieved by KERA have been gradually eroded, with this past session representing that final push over the goal post.

This website has been created to expose candidates who are running for office who may have ties to some of these dark money forces, especially in the Primary, which is May 17, 2022.