In her own words, Misty Glin wants to “bring back discipline.” She is unfit to serve our district which is majority non-white.

Misty Glen is a candidate for JCPS School Board, District 6. She is endorsed by several extremist groups with ties to election deniers and hate groups. She is running to unseat a Black man who is a well-respected leader and pillar in our community.

Better Schools Kentucky, a Political Action Committee (PAC) that is run by a handful of entrenched white supremacists and their enablers, and funded by garnishing the wages of JCPS teachers (who have no say in the candidates the PAC endorses), and dark money donors (who apparently do), has endorsed the incumbent, at least in words. Their actions, however, thus far, fall short.

For example, They are spending five times more money on TV ads for the white incumbents who voted with the PAC’s lead whisperer’s scheme to manufacture “evidence” that the district’s masking policy, which had just been unanimously approved by the full board just two weeks prior, should be reversed. They happen to also be white.

Even Superintendent, Dr. Marty Pollio, noted that the vote to reject this failed coup attempt, which was led by District 3 incumbent James Craig, was “divided along racial lines.”