Hey, at least the GOP is honest!

Hey, at least the GOP is honest!

As I start to share links to this website while it’s still in development to ask people I trust to review and provide feedback, I suspect more will learn about it and find it. This means there will be people who are not happy about the site and what it contains, and there will be efforts to discredit, detract and change the subject. Don’t let them. As we’ve learned from experience, these detractors are either the predators themselves, people who are employed to enable and empower them, or “useful idiots” who are easily gaslit into doing their bidding.

As time goes on, I will continue to fill in the gaps with more and more documentation to support the claims and concerns that are shared here. I had originally intended to put this information into a “tell all” book or docuseries, but with important elections coming up in Kentucky on May 17, 2022, I decided to try to start publishing some of the most obvious stories to help people who are just coming onto the scene or who have been like the “frog in the pot” that they didn’t even realize the water has reached a boiling temperature. But right here, right now Kentucky has candidates running for office in both parties who have ties to outsiders, predators and grifters.

In addition to ALEC and the Koch Brothers, whose ties to privatization of public education have been visible in Kentucky’s GOP for the past decade, as we outlined in several “connect the dots” pieces (ORIGINAL) (REVISED) showing their influence on charter schools, vouchers, state takeovers, not to mention our successful efforts to thwart them, at least until this past session that just ended.

Now, people are feeling the effects, and it’s important we point our fingers in the right directions.

But here in Louisville, Kentucky, we also have SCALA, which is a more liberal, white saviouristic approach to education reform that members of our own Democratic party have been aiding and abetting. And I bet people are less familiar with them and their founders, the Joneses,’ connections to Mitch McConnell.

Well, here’s a page we put together for that purpose. We all know KYGOP is infested with ALEC, Koch Institute flunkies, Bevinites and anything but teetotaling tea-party Libertarians. But what stands out the most to me is the fact that no one is paying attention to the close ties the Democrats have to the McConnells via the Joneses. From the amount of money the Humana king and his empire has donated to Mitch and other GOP candidates, which shifted the state into deep red territory, to the close bond they apparently had, to the amount of influence Jones Junior has had over the anti-JCPS legislation coming out of Frankfort. Here’s what McConnell had to say on the Senate floor after Senior died.


While these candidates who go along with these powerful white dudes may mean well, impact from their actions continues to lead to worse outcomes for our most vulnerable populations, and their lack of awareness that they are part of the problem is why they must be removed or blocked in this year’s election cycle.

KY Dems say they have your back while they smile and stab you in the back instead. The KYGOP will literally sell your unattended children as bait! At least they are honest! Privatization of public education feeds the pipeline to prison and siphons money out of our communities, just like mountain-top removal, coal mining and all of the other ways Kentuckians have been exploited for our resources and our labor without fair compensation and selling our children as bait. Mitch has had his hand in it since 1985.

Please check out the list of candidates from both parties who we’ve identified as having ties to outsiders, predators and grifters. Do your own fact-checking and ask around. One of the reasons Kentuckians always appear to “vote against our own interests” is because of how sophisticated the infiltrators have gotten and how much dark money is spent on disinformation campaigns that leave a lot of people so confused they just stay home on election day. This means establishment candidates win their primary election and by the time the general gets here, enthusiasm is gone. If you truly want to help us keep All Eyes on Kentucky, you’ll help us start with our primary election on May 17 and support the progressive candidates and help us shut down the establishment who likes to hand pick their cis white male “electable” successor instead of trusting the people to vote for our own best interests.

Please donate directly to the candidates. Even though we are working with a 501(c)4 and an unauthorized campaign committee, we are not soliciting donations at this time. Thank you.