Craig Greenberg, Candidate for Louisville Mayor

Aren’t you sick of it? This just in.

“But contributions to Forward Together picked up in February and include large checks from members of the influential Brown family in Louisville, as well as several companies.

The largest contribution was $100,000 from Christy Brown, who bankrolled a similar PAC in 2019 to support the gubernatorial ticket of Adam Edelen and Gill Holland, her son-in-law.

Other members of the Brown family to contribute to Forward Together were Laura Lee Brown and her husband Steve Wilson — the co-founders of 21c Museum Hotels, where Greenberg was CEO — who together contributed $75,000. 

COURIER JOURNAL, Apr. 25, 2022

But before that, there was the Metro Council endorsements.

And then this happened. Why?

And why are we learning about it from him? One of the cops who killed Breonna is first to tweet sensitive information about who shot at Greenberg. How triggering! Why has he not been fired yet?

Not only was it curious that one of the LMPD officers who murdered Breonna Taylor was first to announce on Twitter no less that Quintez Brown had attempted to murder a candidate for mayor. Read this opinion piece from Dr. Ricky Jones, University of Louisville professor and Pan African Studies Department chair who summed up the series of events aptly.

Gregory zeroed in on Brown’s written observations that Blacks in America were politically, economically and socially disempowered and the two-party system hadn’t changed those dynamics. She dismissed the truth of that argument and continued to demonize Brown. She did so with absolutely no awareness of her surroundings.

There she stood in a courtroom with a young, mentally ill Black boy in shackles, oblivious to the fact that he was the only dark piece on the chessboard. The prosecutors representing the United States, white. The defense attorneys, white (because Black people often feel most Black attorneys won’t receive the same respect when push comes to shove). The bailiff, white. The security at the doors, white. The court reporter, white. The judge, white. Yet Gregory persisted, seemingly giving her contradictions no thought.

Dr. RIcky Jones

He goes on to point out,

When this incident initially occurred, Louisville Police Chief Erika Shields intimated that the shooting may have happened because “Mr. Greenberg is Jewish.” To this day, there is no evidence of that, but the narrative has taken hold. Now, claims of antisemitism are flying fast and furiously. Not only is Brown cast as an antisemite, so are those of us who have any modicum of affection for him.

Dr. Ricky Jones

I’m not suggesting Greenberg was knowingly involved in painting a negative picture of Quintez, but he certainly didn’t help prevent a Black man from being treated differently than a white man who may have committed worse. And his lack of awareness of how cozying up to LMPD and saying he was “safe” with them retraumatized an entire community. This was just about the most tone deaf and rude thing a person running to represent a city like Louisville as their next mayor as a Democrat could do. In fact, some of us took it as a signal that LMPD had taken control of the situation room. Someone like Greenberg, whether these missteps are happening with his participation or not, clearly poses a threat to people of color. Dude should examine that. We should all examine that in the context of what drove a promising and prolific young writer to throw his life away by taking a shot at someone who he viewed as a threat to his family and people he cared about, when having faith in the system had proven futile.

But there’s so much more than just Greenberg’s ties to Quintez Brown, a modern day MLK who they hope to destroy.

Let them eat art

I couldn’t come up with a better title than the author of this article from 2012 out of neighboring fellow downtrodden blue city to our east, Lexington, that celebrates Greenberg’s involvement with 21c hotels in Lexington.

But whatever its aesthetic value or ability to inspire a new urban “confidence,” 21c’s economic foundation comes straight out of the past two decades: a public/private partnership in finance in which the public assumes collateral and risk and the private owners reap the returns. Of the $36.5 million needed to purchase, renovate and open 21c as a boutique hotel with an attached modern public art museum, over 60 percent of it ($22.5 million) will come from tapping public funds at the city, state and federal levels, much of it through programs geared toward low- and moderate-income citizens.

If you want to see the democratic/economic policies pillaging the nation and globe writ devastatingly small, look no further than 21c. 

Danny Mayer, North of Center

The article goes on to point out patterns of living large on taxpayers dime with little to no regard for those whose backs on which they stand. Fortunately, we have a choice. Shameka Parrish-Wright has a proven track record and she will represent ALL of us.

TIF That: More Shell Games for West End Residents?

There’s also this which was just brought to my attention recently. You have a right to do your own research into these links. But enough of us have seen enough evidence to know what we know. And we know Craig Greenberg is dangerous to Black and brown people in Jefferson County. He does not disassociate from wealthy elites, developers and gentrifiers, and in fact, he reaps the same benefits they do. We cannot afford to take any more chances. Imagine Louisville having a vibrant, charismatic and transparent Black woman representing us on a national stage instead of a privatizers’ tool and white supremacists’ fool. Vote for Shameka Parrish-Wright for Mayor.

This tweet the night of the shooting was a dogwhistle signaling which side he is on. If we want another Mayor Fischer, Craig is your guy. Otherwise, #RunFromCraig.

It’s time that Louisville be represented by people who make up the heart of our community. We especially need more Black women in Congress, in the House and Senate, and leading our city. Their voices have been absent from the table for far too long. Shameka Parrish-Wright has been on the front lines demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, standing up for the rights of peaceful protesters and others who are victimized by a cruel and deadly criminal justice system. We need a voice like hers standing up against the bullies in Frankfort and on the national stage. She will represent ALL of us!

Craig was ousted by Matt Bevin when he served on the U of L Board of Trustees.