Mike O’Connell, County Attorney
MIke O’Connell has been Jefferson County’s Attorney since he was appointed in 2008

One of the people who has been working for those on the wrong side of history is Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell. We’re just trying to share information that the local public already knows, but Mitch’s Money Machine and all who do the Devil’s bidding are trying keep from bubbling to the surface before the November elections. But it will. Brave people like Chris Thieneman are going to make sure of it.

A retired football player, Thieneman has been using his privilege for a decade or more to try to wake people in Kentucky up to the corruption that is taking place right here under our own noses. Chris has been running for various offices and speaking publicly about his experiences in trying to expose the corruption only to be targeted and retailaiated against over again. Check out his website at www.LouisvilleKy.com and watch the videos below:

Chris, by the way, is running for Metro Council District 7. In the above video he is followed by Karl Price who is running to unseat O’Connell. Listen to Chris share his experiences with “dirty cop” Brent Hankison, one of the three LMPD officers who it turns out was later involved with the murder and coverup of our very own Breonna Taylor. Imagine the pain and heartache our community might have been spared if community leaders like Mike O’Connell and LMPD chiefs had taken action on Hankison when they were first warned.

Here’s another video of Chris speaking at a local community meeting, starting at the 4:30 mark:

According to Thieneman, O’Connell was also instrumental in the blind eye to the harm that was caused to Jefferson County children during the Youth Explorer program. Instead of accepting responsibility and doing the right thing, O’Connell has repeatedly denied justice to Chris Thieneman and punished him for speaking out, and even had him arrested and harassed on multiple occasions, according to Thieneman.

According to a website put together by Thieneman, “O’Connell is the most corrupt politician in Louisville.” And,

Louisville County Attorney Mike O’Connell tried to cover up the sexual assaults and expose the names of the victims [in the Youth Explorer Program].

www.LouisvilleKY.com Website

More information about this incident can be found here:


Karl Was Sent To Us for This Purpose

Not to mention, Karl Price, one of O’Connell’s opponents in the race, a stage-4 cancer survivor, was literally fired from his job when he worked for O’Connell for refusing to apologize for speaking the truth. For those not from Louisville, this is not as uncommon here as you would hope. Prominent Black Louisville judge Olu Stevens faced a similar accusation, but he was forced to apologize for calling white attorney Tom Wine racist in order to return to the bench. Talk about tone deaf. Yeah, even liberal ole Louisville is that racist.

To date, no one has been held accountable for ANY of these sins, including the death of Breonna Taylor. And Thieneman is still waiting for his day in court.

Visit https://www.louisvilleky.com/ to learn more about efforts to hold O’Connell accountable (Website not affiliated with us). Help the good people of Kentucky who DON’T ALWAYS VOTE AGAINST OUR OWN INTERESTS, despite what people would want you to believe, we are DISENFRANCHISED if we speak truth to power. Help us prevent Mike O’Connell from getting reelected as County Attorney by donating to the most qualified, proven “truth to power” candidate running against him in the May 17 primary, Karl Price. It’s his time.

Black JCPS Students Matter

And can anyone tell us why O’Connell’s office felt compelled to weigh in on this case? Was it to bias a jury? Was anyone else able to present the other side of the story? I have questions.

Earlier this school year, a teacher at Moore High School was fired after engaging in a fight with a student and telling him he was just going to end up another Black boy shot.

Footage of the altercation can be found here. At one point the teacher has the student pinned and at another point he can be seen pulling his hair. All of this because the teacher objected to the type of mask the student was wearing. WItnesses told us he escalated the situation. We assumed the district had done a thorough investigation since they NEVER fire racist teachers without IRREFUTABLE evidence and even then they know they face a future losing lawsuit. Trust us, we know.

Despite the teacher having been fired by JCPS, somehow after receiving a letter from County Attorney Mike O’Connell’s office saying the teacher acted in self defense, the jury sided with the white teacher.


More about Bill Bennett, Candidate for House 25 here.

I am not sure how a teacher who poses a clear and present danger to the safety and wellbeing of Black students could be cleared of wrongdoing and therefore, potentially, sue to get his job back. But that’s not even the most frightening part. This individual is no doubt lauded a hero by the same lawmakers who pushed to pass HB63 this legislative session, which forces JCPS to hire and arm police officers in every school, despite overwhelming objections from our community. And he has decided to run for a seat in that very Kentucky House where decisions that impact our students in Jefferson County can be made by people in other counties who despise us simply because the majority of our district is non-white and who resent us because we help fund their schools.

When facts are presented and voices that represent the majority of opinions across our community are ignored, yet a supermajority of privileged white men funded by dark money can lie, subvert due process, ignore the truth and violate the will of the people to do the bidding of their dark-money donors, in broad daylight, where do we go from here? This is an insurrection, folks. But this one is being done by the books. Denying justice to Breonna is an orchestrated act. Will enough people recognize it before it’s too late? Support these progressive candidates now! Before it’s too late!



Karl Price

for County Attorney